You will first need to know what type of video compression your camera is compatible with. There are two types; MJPEG and H.264. Look through your camera documentation or spec sheet to figure this out. It's possible that your camera supports both.

Once you have this figured out, you can follow either the Generic MJPEG or Generic H.264 guides we've created that corresponds with your cameras compression type.

After you've followed the steps to add your camera to Camcloud, you'll need to login to your camera interface. Here are a couple of common Trendnet Camera Interfaces:


Interface 1:

To enable cloud storage with Camcloud you will need to setup motion detection on your Trendnet Camera. Navigate to the Motion Detection tab and select “Enable Video Motion” and then drag your mouse over the camera window. Motion will be detected within the area that you select, and will be ignored outside it. Click "Apply".

Now go to the "Action" tab and select "Video Clip". Remember the credentials you have for your FTP camera, enter them here. Note: Select the “Test” button which will verify you have entered the credentials correctly.




Interface 2:

This interface is newer and has a few more steps.

First you will need to select the "Advanced" tab and then select "Events" on the lefhand side. Choose "Motion Detection" from here you will need to put a checkmark in "Enable Motion Detection" and then you will be required to draw your MD area. You are not required to setup a schedule here, but it's important that you place a checkmark in "Upload to FTP". Click "Save" when completed.


Next, under "Advanced" and "Events", select "Snapshot" on the lefthand menu. You will need to "Enable" Event-Triggered snapshots with a checkmark. The resolution here may work best at 1280x720, but your resolution options will be dependant on your camera model. Again you will need to "Save" the changes.


Finally, you'll need to add your FTP Server settings. Click the "Advanced" tab once again if you need to, then select "Storage" and "FTP Server" on the lefthand side. This information can be found by clicking the arrow to the right of the camera you added to Camcloud and selecting "FTP". Once you added the information, click "Save".