Camcloud has no direct integration with NVR/DVRs (see unique configuration at bottom for 1 possible method).

However in most cases cameras can be used on NVR/DVRs in conjunction with our cloud platform.

The pre-requisite for this is that the cameras on the NVR are compatible with our platform, and that they are on a switch/have external internet access (most NVRs have closed subnetworks). For example you have 4 cameras connected to a POE switch and that switch is then connected to the modem and NVR. This allows Camcloud and the NVR to see the cameras. Note however that if the camera being used only has 1 primary stream then you will need to have both platforms set to the same settings (Resolution, Bitrate, Framerate etc).

One unique configuration that can be used in certain cases (not all NVRs can do this), is the ability to port forward the RTSP port of the NVR, and then add all cameras connected to it as Generic, specifying a unique RTSP path for each camera.

For example a Dahua NVR link would be:

  • "/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0" for the primary stream of the camera connected to channel 1
  • "/cam/realmonitor?channel=2&subtype=0" Camera 2
  • "/cam/realmonitor?channel=3&subtype=0" Camera 3
  • etc.

The caveats of this configuration being that any camera added this way will not be able to have motion events set up (as the NVR likely can only set up 1 FTP server if any at all), and also the cameras are still dependent on the NVR hardware (another point of failure).