Note: MFA is not enabled for all individuals - contact support for more information.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) or Two-factor Authentication (2FA) can be enabled via your Edit Profile menu. Currently you can only configure MFA in the web app.

Select "Authentication Method" and "Google Authenticator". Even though it says "Google Authenticator" you can use any compatible TOTP application such as Google, Authy, FreeOTP, etc.

After you've selected Google Authenticator:

  1. Download your favorite authenticator and scan  the QR code
  2. Enter the security code from your authenticator
  3. Press "Submit"

IMPORTANT: If you don't enter in the security code and leave this page you won't have 2FA enabled. Even if your authenticator has a code it won't work since you never entered the valid security code at that time. You'll have to come back to the Edit Profile page and rescan the QR code to set it up correctly.

Now when you log in you'll be presented with your usual username/password. Once you enter that and try to login, it will ask you for your MFA code.