• Introducing Cloud AI! - Now identify people, vehicles, animals and many other objects with this new add-on
    • See the announcement here
    • See the documentation here


Bug Fixes

  • Name changes - with the addition of cloud AI it made sense to update some of the naming conventions
    • Record Mode option: Event Triggers changed to Event Recording
    • Motion Schedule changed to Event Schedule
    • Event Triggers changed to Camera Events (no change to the options under Camera Events)
  • Many web improvements and bug fixes:
    • Moved main player header above the image so the OSD doesn't get covered
    • Fixed issue with assigning groups using special characters
    • Skip forward/back 15 secs fails with the timeline collapsed
    • Pause button doesn't disappear in full screen mode
    • Chrome issue: group selection resets after refresh
  • Deleting schedules caused an issue with changing record mode