Please see this Hikvision page for detailed instructions on adding these Plug & Play cameras to our platform.

**Please Contact Camcloud Support to receive the required firmware, currently Hikvision isn't providing it on their website**

Model Form Factor
PCI-B12F2 Bullet
PCI-B12F4 Bullet
PCI-B12F6 Bullet
PCI-B15F2 Bullet
PCI-B15F4 Bullet
PCI-B15F6 Bullet
PCI-B18F2 Bullet
PCI-B18F4 Bullet
PCI-B18F6 Bullet
PCI-B12F2SL Bullet
PCI-B12F4SL Bullet
PCI-B12F6SL Bullet
PCI-B15F2SL Bullet
PCI-B15F4SL Bullet
PCI-B15F6SL Bullet
PCI-B12Z2 Bullet
PCI-B15Z2 Bullet
PCI-B18Z2 Bullet
PCI-LB12F2 Bullet
PCI-LB12F4 Bullet
PCI-LB12F6 Bullet
PCI-LB12F12 Bullet
PCI-LB15F2 Bullet
PCI-LB15F4 Bullet
PCI-LB15F6 Bullet
PCI-LB15F12 Bullet
PCI-LB18F2 Bullet
PCI-LB18F4 Bullet
PCI-LB18F6 Bullet
PCI-LB18F12 Bullet
PCI-LB12F2SL Bullet
PCI-LB12F4SL Bullet
PCI-LB12F6SL Bullet
PCI-LB15F2SL Bullet
PCI-LB15F4SL Bullet
PCI-LB15F6SL Bullet
PCI-D12F2 Dome
PCI-D12F4 Dome
PCI-D12F6 Dome
PCI-D15F2 Dome
PCI-D15F4 Dome
PCI-D15F6 Dome
PCI-D12Z2 Dome
PCI-D15Z2 Dome
PCI-D18Z2 Dome
PCI-D14Z2H Dome
PCI-T12F2 Turret
PCI-T12F4 Turret
PCI-T12F6 Turret
PCI-T15F2 Turret
PCI-T15F4 Turret
PCI-T15F6 Turret
PCI-T18F2 Turret
PCI-T18F4 Turret
PCI-T18F6 Turret
PCI-T12F2SL Turret
PCI-T12F4SL Turret
PCI-T12F6SL Turret
PCI-T15F2SL Turret
PCI-T15F4SL Turret
PCI-T15F6SL Turret