This add-on offers the ability to upgrade your cameras to 4K streaming and recording.

*Note that this add-on is only available for Business Plans*

With a standard plan you are able to select resolutions up to 4MP, running at a maximum bitrate of 1280kbps and framerate of 15 fps.

The UltraHD add-on will give you access to 4K resolution and allow you to run at a maximum bitrate of 2560Kbps and framerate of 20 fps.

This add-on supports both Continuous Recording and Motion Recording modes.

The add-on can be selected from the "Plan/Payment" section of the Account Profile:

Select the total number of cameras you would like to be on the account and then the number of those cameras you would like to have access to the Ultra HD functionality:

Once you have selected this you can then click edit to select the cameras on the account that will receive the 4K capabilities:

From the user portal it is located here with the admin account:

Once the Add-on is active for a camera you will be able to select the resolution and other desired parameters from that camera's edit menu: