Let's start with setting up your webcam!

All you need is an internet connection and a USB or connected webcam (or internal webcam). Using the Camcloud software and cloud service, you’ll be able to view your webcam online, from a PC, Mac or mobile device.

1. Sign-up for a free Camcloud account. It just takes a minute. Once you login, it will take you to the Timeline page. From here, click on Add Camera.

2. Select Webcam, and name it whatever you'd like. 

And adjust the settings however you'd like: 

2. Press the "Finish & Start" button. A monitoring window like the one below will open.

3. By default the camera will show a live view, but if not highlight your camera of choice and click on the "Go Live" button. 

You have now setup an online webcam viewer. It’s that easy. You can access this same page from any other web browser, or a mobile version of the page via your  Android or iPhone. Check out our cloud features page to learn more about our offerings.

Good luck!