May 31, 2017 | Camcloud

May 31, 2017


  • New mobile apps with brand new player
  • Android/iOS with Varying frame rates support with new player
  • Android/iOS - encryption integration with new player
  • CAMC SDK - Enable WiseStream by default and allow config during bulk add
  • Implement Edge Storage APIs for NAS devices on Axis Cameras
  • APIs for listing out recordings based on date and type
  • Amcrest on-boarding: Show password on wifi screen
  • Hanwha - Set motion detection for Q-Series cameras during Bulk Add
  • Loading of Timeline Screen cleanup/refactor


  • Amcrest On-boarding: Set wireless and try to enter password fills in SSID
  • Mobile: Live View picture doesn't start
  • Android: Hanwha bulk add - entering password does not show dots for character indicator
  • Mobile: CHC Alerts missing
  • Can't set WIFI in certain configurations
  • Mobile: Live View button is enabled for camera not found
  • Mobile - Video fails to show on start
  • Mobile: Video never comes back out of sleep
  • Mobile: Android shows black screen on start up
  • Mobile: Rotate on starts live view for Android.
  • Mobile: SSID name doesn't show up
  • Amcrest On-Boarding: Handle Password Set When User Not On Same Network
  • Amcrest on-boarding: Incorrect password with wifi
  • Amcrest camera models added
  • Mobile - Hanwha Techwin - Update password failing on cameras
  • Camera Health Check icon is missing for cameras
  • iOS/Android