April 19, 2017 | Camcloud

April 19, 2017


  • Mobile browsing redirect to app store
  • Bulk Add - Hanwha cameras - Cache app on device
  • Amcrest cameras: Mobile - On boarding workflow username/password updates
  • Amcrest cameras: Mobile - On boarding workflow wifi setup
  • CAMC SDK cameras - Force Password Change
  • HCV App UI Improvements - Cameras page layout and Live View counter
  • HT Android Demo - Add Demo series and setup MD for demo cameras
  • Hanwha Q-Series support

Bug Fixes

  • Timeline shows gaps with Continuous Record
  • Payment: Layout Issues in Microsoft Edge
  • WEB (Chrome) - Clicking PTZ or MD controls has incorrect scrolling
  • Timeline - Error occurs when trying to live stream after deleting cameras
  • WEB - Changing record mode MD -> CR with quality 1080P makes the quality blank.
  • Hanwha Quick Tips has wrong tip
  • MJPEG Popout: MJPEG Live view not supported error when engaging "Popout"
  • Web - Retrieve Wifi Info
  • Add Camera Modal does not stay active when user clicks on backround
  • iOS - Connections aren't being cancelled when leaving Scan
  • [Timeline][Flash] Live view appears above modal content
  • Can't edit email and get invalid error changing timezone
  • Mobile - 2.8.1 - iOS: Issues adding Axis cam via AVHS
  • Fixed Label issue assignment
  • Favicon issues
  • HCV showing wrong default language for certain browser types
  • Mobile - Improve handling for incorrect password
  • Timeline Window resizing handling - responsive
  • Web - Samsung Skip "Finish" failing because parameters returned from add response are not being used for edit
  • Timeline - Step 1 Help Text mentions Generic camera types even if they aren't supported
  • Mobile - Set timezone on Hanwha Techwin Bulk Add cameras to mobile device timezone
  • Add camera in menu is redirecting to the upgrade page
  • MD Area Handling is inconsistent between camera types when calling "configure"
  • [Wifi] incorrect response after switching network
  • WEB - Display new Wifi Encrypt Enums on the wireless settings window